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NewYork, 24.08.2018

MRI's Tech Snapshot: Gen Z sets the digital pace

GfK MRI’s Tech Snapshot contains highlights from the most recent Survey of the American Consumer® (Spring 2018 report), focusing on the shifting digital landscape. The infographic provides such insights as:

  • number of US adults living in cellphone-only households continues to climb
  • podcast listening growing and attracting a young and upscale audience
  • viewership of major cable news programs broken down by those adults who characterize themselves as either very conservative or very liberal
  • types of TV subscription services
  • adults with no traditional TV service tuning in to watch Internet video
  • how streaming video users access the internet – what’s most popular device?
  • users of social apps – WhatsApp, Yelp, and Snapchat – diverse and engaged with the content

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