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Which promotions have real appeal for male and female shoppers?


Shoppers love bargains. From coupons to product samples and in-store displays, promotions are heavily influencing consumers’ shopping decisions. But is there a difference between men and women? If you’re targeting female rather than male shoppers, which promotions should you use?

Our research shows you should indeed treat men and women differently. While both genders agree that information seen on the shelf is the most important promotional factor (43% and 45% respectively), there is less consensus when it comes to coupons and brochures/flyers. Both are far more important to women - 42% vs. 39% for coupons and even 41% vs. 33% brochures/flyers. And what can men’s purchase decision be influenced with? Try product samples, price comparison sites and in-store displays (all 40%).     

For more details on differences in how men and women respond to different retail promotions, download our infographic below.


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