FutureBuy: A window on tomorrow’s shoppers

Imagine if you could peer through the shop window at the world’s shoppers, observing their behavior and asking their opinion of how they buy today, and what they expect of retail tomorrow.

Our study FutureBuy is that unique view. Every year, shoppers in 25 countries share their buying habits, the channels and touchpoints they use, their interactions with retailers, and how they include technology in their purchase journey. Since 2006, this exclusive study has provided insight into the behavior and expectations of shoppers across all categories and markets. Each year, we add key topics to help you plan and prepare for tomorrow, such as the role of social media, showrooming, privacy and omnichannel.

FutureBuy lets you immerse yourself in the mindset of the shopper. It provides the breakthrough perspective that brand and sales directors, category managers and strategic planners need to succeed in this fast-paced, competitive sector.

Category coverage that spans a massive sector

From FMCG to services like financial or healthcare, consumer durables to automotive, we look at how the key retailing categories will need to evolve to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s shoppers.

Flexible reporting

Subscribers of our FutureBuy study enjoy flexible online access to the results, as well as off-the-shelf country reports and custom reporting designed to meet their specific needs.

Freely available material

We want to give you an idea of the Future of Retail by providing fresh insights based on thought leadership and trend data from FutureBuy. Dive into the future and discover the demands and expectations of today’s Connected Consumer. Information on the Future of Retail is freely available to you and can be found here. 

Explore the Future of Retail

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