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09.05.2018, Singapore

Discover the impact of World Cup Fever 2018 in APAC

Ready for the FIFA World Cup 2018?

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious and popular football tournament; highly anticipated and the most widely followed sports competition in the world. With its global reach and high consumer engagement, the spectacular event no doubt, has a significant impact on the global economy when it takes place every four years.

World Cup season brings on a tremendous surge in all types of activities being planned around the matches by consumers and businesses alike, leading to the sharp rise in worldwide consumerism during the month long tournament season. Is your business well prepared for this phenomenon?

Demand surge in TV for better World Cup viewing experience

Based on historical trends from GfK’s Point of Sales tracking, global demand for TV skyrockets prior to each World Cup season. TV sales begin surging around four weeks prior to the kick-off of the first match, peaking in the opening week. Findings gathered over several seasons of World Cup reflect a common trend suggesting that consumers tend to seek out bigger and better TV sets to enhance their viewing experience, while retailers at the same time seize this opportunity to sell more with their promotional activities.

To help brands and businesses better understand the World Cup phenomenon, GfK is launching a special edition report: The World Cup Fever APAC Insights 2018.

Clicking here to learn more about the World Cup Fever APAC Insights 2018.

About the World Cup Fever APAC Insights 2018

The World Cup Fever APAC Insights combines reports from various GfK sources, including the weekly POS tracking reports to showcase the dynamic changes in the TV sales market, and sales effectiveness analytics to highlight assortment movement and performance under temporary price reduction.

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