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Consumer Life Reports

Disunited Kingdom

As the recent referendum result has shown, the British people are more divided than at any point in the past 50 years. There are many uncertainties ahead, as well as unanswered and unanswerable questions. One immediate question that brands and companies in all sectors should be asking is, how to effectively speak to and address the needs of British consumers.This special, one-off report combines the latest data from our post-referendum Consumer Confidence Barometer with a longer term view from GfK Consumer Life on how the values, attitudes and behaviours of UK consumers are shifting by age and income group, and what this means for the brands, products and services they choose.

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The full ‘Disunited Kingdom’ report costs £2500 excluding vat. To get a copy please contact ukmarketing@gfk.com

Introducing GfK Consumer Life

How can we understand tomorrow's Consumer and thus implications for brand growth? For over 25 years, companies have turned to GfK Consumer Life (Roper Reports) to dive deep into today’s market and where it’s heading, to develop strategic opportunities.

Covering all aspects of consumer behaviour, attitudes and values, Consumer Life is our key tool to help marketers plan for the future across mature and high-growth markets worldwide. Every year we ask over 30,000 consumers about their wants and preferences to identify opportunities in categories from food to finance, beverages to beauty, appliances to automotive.

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Other reports available

The GfK Consumer Life Global Programme

Work with our experts to unlock the full potential of the programme. This programme offers a dedicated client portal providing global access and also offers access to the entire online Consumer Life database via cross tabulation package.

TrendKey Report

Each consumer trend includes a one-line description, narrative and keywords, as well as quantitative impact by country based on GfK Consumer Life data. We also include in-market manifestations from multiple categories and markets to show how the trend can be capitalised on.

Mood of the World Report

MOTW provides an in-depth picture of consumers attitudes and behaviors with specific reference to economic matters. As well as economic confidence and concerns, there is valuable context and analysis alongside implications for marketers.

Need to know reports

Need to Know reports are concise yet insightful and inspiring investigations into particular demographic, geographic and product categories. As well as insights based on our unique database, there are implications and illustrations of secondary data and products.

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