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Number of US Adults Participating in Online Dating More Than Doubles, According to Five-Year GfK MRI Analysis


Adults ages 25 to 34 are most likely to participate in digital dating


A new analysis of data from GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® shows that the number of US adults ages 18 and above who participated in online dating in the last 30 days more than doubled in the past five years.


In the Fall 2014 GfK MRI study, approximately 2.36% of all adults reported using online dating sites—some 5.62 million people, up from 2.68 million in the Fall 2009 report.


Men and women were fairly evenly represented among online daters in Fall 2014, with men accounting for 53.73% of participants and women 46.27%.


The biggest age segment, at 27.66% of online daters, was adults ages 25 to 34. The 18-to-24 group was second (21.59%), followed by the 45-to-54 cohort (18.30%), and 55-to-64 (10.60%).


Just over half (51.25%) of online daters in Fall 2014 had never been married, while 36.75% were divorced, legally separated or widowed. Approximately 12% described themselves as married while engaging in online dating in the fall of 2014.


GfK MRI’s unmatched consumer database is derived from continuous interviews with approximately 25,000 U.S. adults each year. As part of the Survey, respondents record their consumption of some 6,500 products in nearly 600 categories and provide details about their lifestyles and attitudes.










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