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Global Studies - Good life factors
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Factors that make up the Good Life

Less than half say ‘children’ are part of ‘the good life’

When it comes to the factors that make up ‘the good life’, the top three most popular items selected by people internationally are good health, financial security and leisure time - followed by a happy marriage, travel for leisure, a home you own, and control over one’s life.

Younger age groups lead for seeing ‘a college education’ as part of the good life

Just under a third of teenagers say that a college education is part of the good life. This falls to a quarter of 20-29 year olds and just under a quarter of those aged in their thirties and forties, with further drops for those in their fifties and sixty plus.

A similar trend across the age groups is seen for the following factors as being part of the good life: really nice clothes, accessories or jewelry; having the latest electronics or gadgets; having a luxury or second car.

Older age groups lead for ‘financial security’

Good health, financial security and control over one’s own life are more popular among older age groups as part of their vision of a good life.

For financial security, nearly 8 out of 10 of those aged 60 plus include this in their picture of the good life, compared to just over 6 out of 10 teenagers.

Argentinians lead on seeing travelling for leisure as part of the good life; Russian lead on financial security

People in Argentina are the most likely to include travelling for leisure in their picture of the good life, followed by Brazilians and Spaniards.

Financial security, on the other hand, has most resonance with people in Russia, followed by those in Germany and Belgium. 

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