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Global Studies - Activities for physical health
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Activities for physical health

Spending time with family or pets as popular as exercise and healthy eating to maintain “physical health”

  • "Quality time" steps forward in people’s perception of what keeps them physically healthy
  • One in three now include "take a break from technology" in their health routine
  • "Spending time with family, friends or pets" has increased from just over half of people in 2014, to just under two thirds this year
  • Mexico, Spain and Canada in top five countries for spending time with family, friends or pets as part of their physical health routine

When it comes to which activities people do to stay healthy, it is no surprise that nearly two thirds of the online population across 17 countries include getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising.

What is more surprising is that almost the same number now include “spending time with family, friends or pets” as something they “do regularly to maintain their physical health”. This is up from just over half in 2014.

Top 5 countries by activity

Nearly three quarters of the online population in Mexico regularly spend time with family, friends or pets in order to maintain physical health – the highest percentage for all 17 countries surveyed. They are followed by Spain, Argentina, Canada and Brazil.

Mexico also tops the list when it comes to taking a break from technology to help maintain physical health, followed by China, Argentina, Spain and Brazil.

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A quarter of the online population across 17 countries say that they do gardening or yard work at least once a week. A further 7% do gardening or yard work every day or most days and 24% say they never do any gardening or yard work.