If you know
what consumers value,
you can design products
they’ll love.

If you know
what consumers value, you can design products they’ll love.

When consumers take action, their values often lead the way

The principles and priorities that define consumers – from a love of nature to self-reliance to helping others – also guide their everyday decisions, large and small.

Now you can tap into these deep motivations through insights from GfK Consumer Life, the global leader in trend research. With a clear understanding of consumer values, you can

  • design smarter products
  • message more effectively, and
  • Turning visitors into leads.

A selection of consumer values measured

  • Authenticity
  • Health & fitness
  • Working hard
  • Open-mindedness
  • Having stimulating experiences

These essential learnings are available in two types of reports – the quick-reading Pocket Guide series and a full-length, comprehensive report.

Pocket Guides
Full report
  • Pocket Guides

    Pocket guide cover

    The Pocket Guides are compact, fully digital, and interactive booklets of 20 to 30 pages. Accessible online or as PDFs, these handy overviews focus on:

    • Global consumer values
      a helicopter view of values across 25 countries
    • US consumer values
      the top 10 principles Americans live by
    • Rising Values around the world
      emerging ideals that are transforming consumers’ perspectives
    • Values segmentation
      a look at five key value-driven segments among people worldwide
      These handy guides give you a quick, digestible look at key markets and consumers.

    Learn more about the Values Pocket Guides
  • Full report


    Offering a deep look at consumer values, our full Vales Framework report covers XXX pages and represents GfK’s current full view of consumers and their values.
    This definitive work on the subject includes:

    • in-depth looks at 57 values
    • insights from 25 countries
    • profiles of the 5 key values segments – from Mindfuls to Indulgers
    Learn more about the Values Pocket Guides