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If you know
what priorities unite consumers in top Asian economies and what sets them apart, you'll be able to optimize your local strategies.

Understand the mindset, lifestyles, and purchase decisions of consumers in top Asian
economies so you can tailor your strategies to connect with them with greater confidence and ease.

Take a fresh look at Asia’s top economies

Asia has been the engine of global economic growth for decades, yet this is not a monolithic region. The major Asian markets vary a great deal in terms of consumers’ mindset, lifestyle, and expectations. Some of these differences have widened amid COVID-19, which saw in Asia both the world’s speediest and most successful containment of the virus as well as some of its heaviest tolls.

This report provides the latest on the top Asian economies: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea (referred to Korea in this analysis). It answers questions such as: how has COVID-19 impacted local economies and the emerging middle-class; what are differentiating and uniting values across countries; which nations are most and least pro-technology; where consumers turn for purchase information; and more.

What’s included in the GfK Consumer Life 2021 Asian Powerhouses report:

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Economy & Population

Cross-market view of the post-COVID population, economic, and purchase power trends. Learn which markets lead or lag, and which consumer groups will rise or fall.

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Mindset & Lifestyle

Understand the core values that bind, and distinguish the Asian market to and from each other. Learn which shared concerns drive priorities in work, life, and leisure.

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Tech & Media

Explore the tech divide that continues to segment Asian markets and consumers, while the differing level of tech enthusiasm reflects tech attitudes, interest, and behaviors.

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Shopping & Consumption

Explore Asian leadership in online-shopping, the circular and sustainable economy, key brand trust metrics, and the rising impact of localism.

Take a look at the Asia Powerhouses Sample Report