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Seize tomorrow’s opportunities

Future-proof your business with long-term global insights on trends and values

Consumers’ lives are transforming at unprecedented speeds. These shifts present huge challenges for brands – but also point the way to extraordinary opportunities.

Our well-established research on consumers’ attitudes towards all aspects of life provides a rich understanding of your target group, markets and categories today and tomorrow. In our Consumer Life study we identify how people live, what they want, and how they think. Our FutureBuy research tracks shopping attitudes and behaviors.

Consumer Life: Understanding shifting values to stay relevant

Covering 30+ countries, our study is the longest-running and most comprehensive on changing values and lifestyles around the world. Since 1973 in the US, and since 1997 globally, Consumer Life has defined and anticipated new consumer opportunities and emerging needs, revealing:

  • The big consumer trends and market disruptors that should guide your innovation
  • The messages that will resonate with different target audiences
  • How peoples' values and lifestyles are evolving – and how this may impact major product categories
  • How the generations and other cohorts are different or the same – and what companies can do to meet their needs

Drill down into a unique data set about your target group

To help you harness the changing consumer landscape for your brand’s advantage, we provide a unique combination of unrivaled data and deep expertise for you to answer your most important questions quickly. Clients use our insights in a variety of ways, from getting smart on new markets and consumer targets, to understanding a topic before conducting custom research, to looking into the future with a bespoke trends framework. Recently, we have:

  • Helped a tech giant, who had a robust understanding of consumers in the US, get a baseline view of their potential customers in emerging markets.
  • Devised a detailed customer segmentation to help a global financial services client align its current offer, its new products and its marketing activities.
  • Partnered with a major global retailer to develop a perspective on the “Gen Z” consumer to identify future opportunities in brick and mortar retail.  

Access strategic insights through reports or advisory services

Reports help you refine business strategy, guide innovation, and optimize targeting and messaging. Available off-the-shelf, or as part of our ongoing subscription and consulting services, report topics include:

  • Market briefs – attitudes, values and lifestyles in any of 30 countries
  • Values Factbook – the most important values globally, how they have shifted over time, and how they vary across countries
  • Generations reports – Lifestyles and values of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • TrendKey– a framework for strategic planning with macro and micro trends
  • Mood of the World – an in-depth picture of attitudes and behaviors with specific reference to economic matters.
  • Need-to-know reports on diverse topics including brand trust, global lifestyles, retail, technology, wellbeing, and key regional deep dives.

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FutureBuy: Get a clear picture of what makes today’s shoppers tick

FutureBuy is the definitive resource for capturing the hearts and minds of today’s empowered shoppers. With an unmatched category and geographic footprint, it gives brands and retailers the insights they need to:

  • Gain a comprehensive view of shopper attitudes and behaviors across 18 categories and 27 countries.
  • Choose the right geographies and categories for new products and services.
  • Focus resources on the shopper touchpoints that matter most, including mobile and social.
  • Track emerging trends and understand where tomorrow's consumers will be shopping.
  • Make smarter decisions about custom shopper studies and data integration. 

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