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IFA 2017 - Digital transformation

09/01/17 - 09/06/17

Messe Berlin

Step into a future of infinite opportunities!

The digital transformation is impacting markets around the world – but right now, it’s within the Technology industry that we’re seeing the most exciting and innovative changes. Today’s manufacturers, retailers and consumers are spoilt for choice as fascinating new products and services are being developed all the time: digital assistants, drones, 3D printers, robots, virtual reality…and they are connected through the Internet of Things.

Join us as we share exclusive insights from our research, which includes interviews with technology experts from 10 countries. Find out how you can really capitalize on what’s going on in this environment and understand where the risks and the opportunities are. You’ll also get a clear picture of what role smart devices are playing across the many areas of our lives.

We are looking forward to discussing the endless opportunities of the digital transformation with you!

Learn more about the digital transformation at IFA 2017.

  • Visit our 5th GfK Technical Innovation Conference at Marshall-Haus, IFA exhibition grounds (August 31, 1–3 pm) and chat with our experts.
  • Come and visit us in the GfK office at IFA, room VIP 2, Großer Stern.

Applications are welcome: ifa@gfk.com


Part I - Key note presentations (1–2pm)

  • Digital Transformation – Step into a future of infinite opportunities (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Aunkofer)
  • Smart devices revolutionizing our daily lives! (Franck Thureau)
  • Digital Transformation in Retail (Alejandro Mondragon)

Part II - Knowledge fair (2–3pm)

  • Smart home appliances (Natalia Andrievskaya/Thilo Heyder)
  • Smart home automation and security (Sascha Kehrstephan)
  • TV display quality and wireless audio (Alexander Dehmel/Jan Lorbach)
  • Robots and artificial intelligence (Sebastian Woldmann)
  • Virtual reality (Dr. Jan Wassmann)
  • Consumer trends & brand growth strategies (Charlotte König/Wolfgang Neubarth)
  • Marketing spending optimization (Karsten Holdorf)

See you in Berlin!

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