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Fast Answers Overnight

GfK now offers “Fast Answers Overnight” with a 24 hour turnaround from start to finish.

The world today demands fast answers. Whether you’re dealing with a business crisis or just need a quick answer to a question, Fast Answers Overnight gives you immediate feedback from the general public.

This new product solves the need for a quick turnaround solution that also offers the benefits of KnowledgePanel®, our online probability panel, designed to be truly representative of the general population (not just the online population that other panels only cover). KnowledgePanel® is the nation’s largest online panel from which probability-based samples are selected for rigorous survey research applications that need to produce measurable inferences.

Our custom overnight survey allows you the flexibility to reach a national sample of the general population of 1000 adults 18+ overnight. If you submit your questions by noon ET, you will receive results by noon ET the next business day. The standard deliverable is computer cross tabs in PDF or Excel format with an optional executive summary that will be provided by end of the next business day.

For more information and pricing, contact your GfK account representative or Bruce Barr at +1 609 683 6174, or bruce.barr@gfk.com.