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    • 06/18/18
    • South Africa
    • English

    Online sales of technical consumer goods soar as SA seek bargains

    E-commerce retailers grew their share of the South African technical consumer goods market by 52% in 2017, accounting for 6.9% of total consumer spending by rand value for the year. This means they have nearly doubled their share of the market since 2015, according to GfK South Africa's new report, E-commerce 360: Navigating the Technical Goods E-Commerce Market in South Africa.
    • 06/05/18
    • South Africa
    • English

    Smartphones sales show resilience in slow quarter for SA consumer tech sales

    Consumers around the world are putting more value on experiences than they do on possessions, and South Africans are no different. Online shopping, commoditisation of once-expensive goods like smartphones, and a craving for simplicity among consumers are all factors that are helping to drive this trend. People increasingly agree that the thrill of a purchase fades quickly, but the memory of a great experience lasts a lifetime.
    • 05/02/18
    • Media and Entertainment
    • South Africa
    • English

    ViewScape study: Linear broadcasting’s share of screen time shrinks in SA

    GfK launches its annual ViewScape study in Africa, showing how the rise of digital platforms is transforming consumers' viewing habits.
    • 04/18/18
    • Retail
    • South Africa
    • English

    The ‘ennial tribes: understanding Generation Y and Generation Z South Africans

    South Africa's young people - those aged below 35 years - make up 66% of the country's population. They're rapidly changing the workplace with their search for purpose, the consumer landscape with their demands for authenticity and personalisation, and society at large with their belief in social justice. Brands need to understand what makes them tick to secure a long-term future for their businesses. Rachel Thompson, Insights Director at GfK South Africa, sheds some light on the 'ennial tribes.
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