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Success story
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Understanding consumers’ financial health in the US


GfK research helps CFSI understand and measure the financial health of Americans.

The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) aims to improve the financial health of Americans by shaping an innovative financial services marketplace with increased access to quality products and practices.


CFSI needed to measure the current state of financial health in America and understand how the components (financial health indicators) interacted with one another.


CFSI asked us to field the survey for its foundational research and to conduct a consumer segmentation. Survey questions covered a range of financial health indicators, including financial behaviors and attitudes, as well as financial products used.

We also tapped into third-party data, such as consumer credit data from Lexis-Nexis Risk Solutions, to gain additional insight into consumers’ financial situation.


CFSI used the survey data to compile its groundbreaking Consumer Financial Health Study. We collaborated with CFSI to identify seven segments across the full spectrum of financial health.

The segments are driven largely by a set of behaviors and attitudes – such as planning for future expenses and approaches to saving – that present themselves regardless of age, income or education.

CFSI continues to use the data in its thought leadership and work with financial services providers to build high-quality products and services.

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