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Success story
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Streamlining management of online product data


We helped a major British technology distributor reduce the time and effort expended in keeping product data clean and up to date across its large product range. 


Our client wanted to tap into an external product data catalog for its ecommerce website to reduce the burden on its own staff and refocus their energies on other priorities. The company hoped to leverage search-optimized product data to increase customer engagement on its ecommerce platform. It needed data for a wide range of manufacturers, representing a broad selection of different product categories. The catalog had to present product data in a manner that would be easy for resellers to use and understand.


We supplied a subscription to our product catalog which gives the organization standardized, accurate and up-to-date product data, product images and merchandizing data. The catalog covers, among others, most of the popular IT software and hardware products in the client’s portfolio; it is updated daily and draws information from manufacturers and distributors.


We have an ongoing and longstanding relationship with this client. Over the years our catalog has assisted it with achieving its goal of reducing the time and money spent managing product data. During this time, the content has helped our client improve sales and enhance the efficiency of its content management process. Our product catalog will support the company with multilingual content as it relaunches its European website, providing resellers across the continent with up-to-date information in their own languages. 

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