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Success story
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Providing comprehensive product information for a hi-fi publication


Our catalog enables our client to offer comprehensive and authoritative product listings through its online publications.


Our client publishes a magazine for buyers and lovers of home audiovisual systems. In its move toward digital publishing, it wanted to keep its website readers engaged by providing technical specifications for most products in its listings. The company also wanted to minimize the costs and resources required to gather and manage the content, preferring that its staff focus on core publishing activities.


We provided the magazine with a subscription to our authoritative product catalog data. This gives the organization detailed, accurate and standardized technical specifications, product images and marketing text covering most audiovisual products in the market. Our product data is updated daily and is built on data drawn directly from manufacturers and distributors.


The publication now offers its readers up-to-date, accurate and detailed product information alongside its editorial reviews. This adds value for readers and entrenches the publication’s place as the most comprehensive source of information about home entertainment systems.

Our catalog:

  • allows the client to easily offer product listings without the costs of capturing the data manually
  • enables the publisher to focus on its core business even as it builds out new online services for its readers
  • offers data even for niche brands and manufacturers

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