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Success story
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Identifying best-performing media channels


GfK’s new touchpoint effectiveness/efficiency analysis platform is proving to be more valuable than initially anticipated and is driving not only media planning, but the entire integrated communications planning process.

The client is a global manufacturer of spirits and wines and the owner of a variety of prominent brands.


The company wanted to know which of its media channels has the greatest impact on brand development and is most effective in driving sales growth.


We used GfK Experience Effects to survey the media channels that our client selected and measured the frequency of consumer exposure to its brands. Then, we collected recommendations from other consumers by word of mouth and on social media platforms.

We assessed the effectiveness of this exposure. Not only did we analyzed the most memorable touchpoints for consumers, but we also gauged their social and emotional triggers.

Once we had identified the most active touchpoints, we could determine which of them had the greatest influence on key brand metrics including brand consideration, usage and advocacy. We then recommended measures to increase brand equity and grow sales.


Our research allowed the client to allocate its marketing spend more effectively. It was able to identify the most successful media channels and measure performance against strategic targets. The organization used this information to direct its integrated communications planning process.

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