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Printed Advertising Tracking
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Printed Advertising Tracking

Printed forms of advertising are still strongly influence shopping decisions (source GfK FutureBuy 2017; online consumer survey). But where the online world can easily be monitored, it can often be difficult to track whether offline activities are working.

GfK’s Printed Advertising Tracking solutions helps manufacturers and retailers get the most out of print advertising spend by helping them to:

  • Make informed print advert spending decisions
  • Act fast on competitor activities
  • Improve their price image whilst protecting margins

You will benefit from a category or market view which offers unique print advert insights; combining GfK data from the world‘s largest POS panel for tech / consumer durables with promotional leaflet data. Whether you want to carry out a detailed analysis of your print ad promotions, benchmark against the competition, understand market developments or even ensure compliance, our flexible suite of tools and reports can help.

Combined weekly hit list

Enriched with leaflet promotion KPIs, this tool allows you to monitor how promotions are affecting your hit list at product SKU level. Leaflet insights include geographical coverage, the total number of stores pushing advertising activity and a 12-month overview of your "competitive battlefield".

Integrated POS and promotional print ad data

This tool provides a top-level view on sell-out figures, so you can reallocate advertising spend to drive sell-through in higher price classes. Analyze graphically on brand, channel, price band and technical feature level versus the market (POS data). Understand the past to plan better for future print ad promotions, with up to 15 months' historical data.

Competitive benchmark and executive reports

Understand what is happening with your print promotions, what the competition is doing, how the market is developing, or even ensure compliance at a glance. Review brand or retailer print ad activity and easily present the findings in a ready-to-present report.

KPI dashboard

This tool allows you to dig deeper to gain valuable insights into your print ad tracking. With standard KPIs on “brand”, “model” and “price promotions”, plus additional KPIs on “headlines”, “price”, “placement and assortment” and “product”, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your print advertising.

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