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In-store intelligence
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In-store Intelligence

Today’s retail environment is complex: Physical stores serve to trigger purchases, deliver a great product experience and facilitate information seeking – all at once. Brands face constant pressure to offer the right range, price, promotions and overall experience in store.

For tech and consumer durables manufacturers understanding your in-store reality has never been more business critical, but often there's no clear picture of what’s happening in-store, which means it’s difficult to know if your investment in in-store trade marketing activities are paying off.

That’s why we’ve developed In-store Intelligence. It answers Trade Marketing and Sales Managers’ key business questions on the status quo and sales impact of in-store execution, campaign compliance, product positioning and pricing and supports trade marketing budget planning. 

This helps you to understand your in-store reality with a true end-to-end view of trade marketing performance, from shelf to sale.

How it works:

  • Step 1: In-store images are captured from a representative sample of stores
  • Step 2: Trax computer vision converts images to shelf data, which are then integrated with GfK retail sales data
  • Step 3: Monthly syndicated reports are accessed via intuitive online dashboards
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Why Trax and GfK?

Our unique combination of in-store and sales data empowers brand owners with valuable metrics to diagnose in-store execution. By quantifying product facings, positioning on shelf and branding, key insights can be gathered to optimize retail space, merchandising planning and strategy.

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