GfK Plastic Waste Report

Plastic waste avoidance “Who cares? – Who does?”

Identify what different shoppers want and expect from your approach to plastic waste

70% of all shoppers in GfK’s recent study told us told us that plastic waste is one of their top five environmental challenges. No other concern is mentioned this often. We found that although shoppers in different markets have widely differing expectations, they increasingly believe that retailers and manufacturers should take more responsibility for plastic waste. 

Clearly, brands and businesses must position themselves correctly on this crucial consumer concern if they are to maintain market relevance and share. Your approach to plastic waste can only be a success if you have the right information on what today’s shoppers want and expect. In our global report, ‘Plastic waste avoidance “Who cares? Who does?”’, we identify consumers’ crucial concerns regarding plastic waste. 

The research has been produced from an extensive survey of more than 40,000 shoppers across 12 countries. It links consumers’ stated attitudes, desires and claimed behavior to plastic waste with their actual shopper purchase behavior from our single-source Consumer Panel.

We evaluate key issues such as shoppers’ awareness, current plastic waste prevention activities, intended and actual behavior, and how this impacts retailers and manufacturers to answer your most pressing business questions around plastic use, including: 

  • Who should be responsible for limiting plastic waste?
  • How do those views differ across the 12 markets we studied? 
  • What are shoppers doing to reduce plastic waste?
  • What impact will shoppers’ actions have on your brands and business?
  • Will shoppers pay more for recyclable, reusable and biodegradable products?

The right report for you

There are two reports: Our multi-country report provides an overview of the global impact of shoppers’ concerns about plastic waste across 12 countries in Western and Central Eastern Europe. Our country report allows readers to gauge the perception of plastic in each of the 12 markets covered, which include segments and category performance.

Armed with insight, you will be more informed on what packaging types are popular and whether your brand is being bought by eco-actives… or avoided.

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