Some may have foreseen the disappearance of television in favor of digital media, but nothing could be further from the truth. Today, television continues to command eyeballs and attract huge advertising budgets for global brands. Media owners, broadcast networks and their stations, plus advertisers and their agencies need accurate audience figures to make strategic and tactical decisions.

The insights to measure your target audience

GfK’s television audience measurement solutions have been providing the golden standard metrics for decades, allowing all players to:

GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Plan advertising campaigns with the maximum audience reach
GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Use independent, objective measurement to prove the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Make programing decisions based on second by second audience measurement
GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Target campaigns with precision using an in-depth analysis of audience composition
GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Create strategies to win and retain audiences by understanding viewing behavior
GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Connect these insights to viewing habits across devices and screens for a full 360-degree view of your audience

GfK is the leader in audience measurement

Viewing Measurement

Our proprietary measurement technologies have evolved significantly over the past years. We build further on our reputation for innovative features and reliability. We stick to our rigorous standards to ensure the continuity and accuracy of our data. Today, we provide most accurate information on the consumer’s viewing habits across all relevant screens. Our recent approach includes:

  • High-quality household panel with GfK People Meters connected to all TV screens
  • Innovative Router solution to measures access to streaming content across all devices
  • Digital extensions to include audited census data from online video players
  • On-device measurement of access to digital content via mobile devices
  • Out-of-home measurement based on innovative GfK Digital Trends app and GfK MediaWatch
  • Panel-census identification and sophisticated modelling approaches to integrate with third party data
  • Overnight or live data reporting
  • A suite of proprietary analysis tools for data reporting and media planning
  • Compliment with qualitative data with our Content Appreciation Solution

Our viewing measurement is part of our media measurement platform.

Loyal panels for more trusted, reliable insights

We're constantly reviewing and adopting the latest technology to panel membership as easy as possible since, after all, our panels are a valuable asset. We have some of the most user-friendly tech available, which helps keep our panelists loyal and maintains very low drop-off rates. Here's a deeper look at how we've made installation and use really simple for panelists. 

Our TV logger makes it easy for panelists log their viewing habits

GfK Router makes TV and streaming measurement simple

GfK Viewing Measurement Solutions  | GfK US