Today digital media is all around us, so it's essential that the media ecosystem has access to industry standard metrics on all digital inventory - from TV to radio, print to online. GfK's Digital Audience Measurement solutions combine measured data captured from our secure and reliable proprietary digital panels with audited census data from websites and apps, plus data from other sources, and modeled metrics using our advanced analytics tools. 

The insights to reach your target audience

Media owners, media agencies and advertiserts rely on GfK's Digital Audience Measurement to provide the industry currency for all digital media, enabling them to:

GfK Digital Audience Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Plan advertising campaigns with the maximum audience reach
GfK Digital Audience Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Use independent, objective measurement to prove the effectiveness of different platforms for advertising campaigns
GfK Digital Audience Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Evaluate and compare audiences across a wide variety of devices and distribution channels

GfK is the leader in audience measurement

the leader in digital audience measurement-1

GfK leads the way as an innovator in the measurement of digital media. We have developed and acquired the latest technology to ensure we continue to keep up with the rapid pace of change in this constantly evolving sector, including:

  • GfK panels equipped with digital meters that can measure every event and every click on mobile and desktop devices
  • Router hardware that can capture all device usage in households
  • Census measurement technology that unifies content and ad metrics across publishers
  • Integrated data from panels and census measurement from our unique data integration approaches
  • Proprietary data analysis, data feeds and integration with TV audience measurement on our own cloud-based data production platform
  • State-of-the-art dashboards and analysis tools

Our digital audience measurement is part of our media measurement platform.

Loyal panels for more trusted, reliable insights

We're constantly reviewing and adopting the latest technology to panel membership as easy as possible since, after all, our panelists are a valuable asset. We have some of the most user friendly tech available, which helps keep our panelists loyal and maintains very low drop-off rates. Here's a deeper look at how we've made installation and use really simple for panelists: 

The Digital Trends App makes it easy for panelists to measure digital and audio activity all in one place. 

Our MediaWatch even connects wherever panelists are so that all media consumption is tracked. 

GfK Digital Audience Measurement Solutions  | GfK US