The world doesn't stand still. It is changing fast. And you need to keep up. Do you understand your consumers' ever changing needs? Do you have the insights to know what they like, what they buy, which brands they love, how much they spend, and where they spend it?

You could with our Consumer Insights Engine.

Understand your target customers

Know who your target consumers are, what they do, and where opportunities exist to find potential buyers.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US


Identify your target group
Deep insights into the demographics and behaviors of your current customers and future target groups.

Understand buying patterns
See what products your target customers buy, how they buy them (online or offline?), and when they buy.

Know what influences purchasing decisions
Intelligently craft messaging based on key drivers that influence your target customers’ purchasing behavior.

Develop strategies to increase sales

Maximize brand visibility and influence purchasing decisions throughout the entire buying cycle.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US


Refine messaging and touchpoints
Understand which product messaging is most impactful and at which stage in the buying cycle it is most relevant.

Leverage the most relevant channels
See which retail partnerships are most profitable and adjust your supply accordingly.

Disrupt your category and market
Redefine your strategy to increase your market share and adjust product development to meet customer needs.

Adapt quickly to changing trends

Stay ahead of the competition and adjust strategies in real-time with on-demand insights.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US


Identify trends by target group, category and market
Slice, dice, and segment your data to quickly see trends for relevant business KPIs.

React quickly to shifts
Be the first to adjust to changes in channel and retailer splits, changes in online vs. offline purchases, and more.

Mitigate potential risks and capitalize on opportunities
Ensure long term success by using intelligence to quickly avoid problems and create new solutions.

Measure your success and plan your future

Look back to look ahead. Report on successes and inform your future strategies.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US


See the impact of your planning
Report back to the business with easily trackable KPIs and a clear picture of your target customers.

Understand what worked effectively
Know if you have successfully reached your target group, which positioning worked best, which channels were most effective.

Further optimize your sales funnel
Use insights to better plan future sales, growth, and go-to-market strategies.

How clients use the insights

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    The Consumer Insights Engine has been invaluable in providing us with quarterly updates on changing customer needs and preferences. Dixons have now been using this tool for the past year and the insights from the tool have been appreciated across the organisation including teams working on ranging, and marketing campaigns; and it’s provided an additional dimension to the POS data.

    The fact that the tool is easy to use and intuitive has been key, as it’s enabled us to roll out quickly across the teams - with GfK on hand to provide training support where it was needed.

    Amit Shah, Head of Commercial Analytics


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    CIE represents for us a complete new way to manage the information. It allows us the capability to access the specific data we need in the exact moment we want. This brings the difference between useful data and just an interesting number.

    Insights we are getting from CIE are enabling us to strategically update some of our business decisions based on the new triggers and behavioural insights not available before.

    Jesús Sanchez Paniagua, Consumer Sales Director, South-West Europe, INTEL

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    We see GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine as a tool for any briefing, and for any campaign. We rely on it to plan ad hoc marketing campaigns to supplement our scheduled activities. With the insights into which consumers buy which products, what channels they use to shop, and their reasons to purchase, we have the information we need to prepare tactical campaigns fast. We can react to competitors’ campaigns and promotions to protect and defend our position. The dashboard allows us to adapt our campaigns with relevant products and messages and create new actions as needed for each one of them. Of course, these learnings feed into our longer-term planning cycles too.

    Olga Rodríguez, Business Intelligence – Digital transformation & MARCOM, Samsung Spain

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Intelligence to power growth across your business

See how brands and retailers use our Consumer Insights Engine across departments to make smarter business decisions


GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US

Kyle, a Retail Partnership Manager, uses the dashboard to see which retailers dominate the market (online and offline) and which demographics shop at each retailer so that he can adjust his strategies accordingly.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US

Carolina, a Marketing and Campaign Manager, uses the tool to plan new campaigns and launch new products in her market. She needs to make sure the campaign lands with the right audience through the right channels.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US

Mei, a General Manager, uses the engine to develop a new go-to-market strategy by understanding the behavior of her target customers, how they shop, and how to best reach them.

Get clarity through insights

Find out more about all the ways that our Consumer Insights Engine can enhance your business. Get a demo from one of our experts now.

GfK Consumer Insights Engine (CIE) | GfK US