Over the past 50 years radio and its audiences have changed beyond recognition, and in that time we have been at the forefront of measuring the medium to provide the currency for this dynamic industry. Whether public or commercial radio stations, advertisers or their agencies, what hasn't changed in half a century is the need for robust, reliable and gold standard audience metrics to support advertising. 

We are true pioneers of radio measurement, providing mobile metering technologies that captures listening behavior in and outside the home, as well as advanced hybrid methodologies and the integration of streaming audio.

The insights to understand who is listening

GfK’s audio measurement is recognized as the industry currency, providing timely, accurate and robust audience data. It enables the market to:

GfK Audio Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Plan advertising campaigns that have the maximum audience reach
GfK Audio Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Prove the effectiveness and efficiency of different radio stations to advertisers
GfK Audio Measurement Solutions  | GfK US
Provide a total radio market perspective, including a station's position in the market, its audience composition and listener behavior

GfK is the leader in audience measurement

the leader in audience measurement
  • Our audio measurement portfolio includes established techniques - both traditional survey based as well as passive tracking through a watch or a personal mobile device.
  • We can integrate data from panels and census measurement from our unique data integration approaches
  • We can tailor our solutions to each market's unique requirements and budget.

Our audio measurement is part of our media measurement platform.

Loyal panels for more trusted, reliable insights

We're constantly reviewing and adopting the latest technology to panel membership as easy as possible since, after all, our panelists are a valuable asset. We have some of the most user-friendly tech available, which helps keep our panelists loyal and maintains very low drop-off rates. Here's a deeper look at how we've made installation and use really simple for panelists.

Ensure all audio is recorded with our Media Watch

GfK Audio Measurement Solutions  | GfK US