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Public Communications

Public Communications

GfK's Public Communications team helps our clients define communication problems and develop solutions based on data-driven insights. Our research supports corporate, non-profit, and government client efforts to use communication to influence issues, manage their image, and engage in smart communications with internal and external stakeholders.

We help you:

  • Identify and manage communications, public policy, and business issues
  • Understand your key stakeholders’ needs and priorities
  • Measure and improve your reputation
  • Elevate your public leadership profile

GfK helps clients across all industries and sectors with a wide range of smart communications needs globally.

Thought leadership

GfK helps clients join the public dialogue on issues that people care about, with compelling and credible research that helps clients get earned media in marquee publications and communicate meaningfully with key audiences.

Strategic communications

GfK helps clients with data-supported recommendations – not creative hunches – about the tone, content, and platform for communicating effectively with key stakeholders

Issues management

GfK helps clients navigate public relations and regulatory challenges by understanding the opinion landscape among their key stakeholders.


GfK helps clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their reputation among key audiences, identifying the drivers of and trends in such perceptions.