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GfK Location Activation


Mobile technology and geofencing can help you understand customers with “Now Data”, captured via survey, within 24-48 hours after a visit to a physical location. Such geo-triggered insights are now available with the introduction of GfK Location Activation delivering actionable insights into influences and behaviors closer to the moment of experience. Millions of people, who have smartphones, have opted-in to answer questions after a visit to a location to share their experience, what they saw and what they purchased, or not, so that you can act at the right time.

You can find a more detailed overview here.

GfK Location Activation provides a powerful platform to survey people based on physical visits - to stores, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, banks etc. for a better understanding of:


Stale insights have minimal value to you when trying to understand which POS or pricing is effective, how to merchandise, the quality of customer interactions with employees or which in-location ads influenced purchase. GfK Location Activation collects feedback at the right time with verified visits to a location closer to the customer experience. You can find a GfK funded shopper conversion case study here

Through GfK Location Activation you can reach a wide spectrum of customers, and prior non-visitors to your location, who often will not agree to participate in other types of brick and mortar surveys.

Take a look at what the Mobile Marketing Association has to say about how crucial location data is.

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