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Today’s complex and constantly changing markets make choosing the right retail locations and real estate objects more challenging than ever, for both retailers and investors.

  • How can you predict shopping behavior and local shopping preferences for diverse client and location types?
  • Where are the best brick-and-mortar locations that can withstand the threat posed by online retail? How much demand can your existing and prospective retail sites tap?
  • And how can you meet growing regulatory demands and reduce risk in costly investment decisions?

What we do
Our location & market appraisals answer these questions, allowing you to plan and invest with confidence. We analyze existing or prospective real estate objects and their surrounding retail conditions and assess whether they can be successful now and over the long term. We go on-site to evaluate multiple factors, including site layout, accessibility and sales area productivity, as well as competitors and synergies with the surrounding environment. And we also determine if there’s sufficient local and regional demand for your product and tenant mix to succeed. Our insights give you reliable and hands-on advice on the feasibility and viability of your retail real estate investments.

How you benefit
Our appraisals help you understand the context and attractiveness of retail locations in terms of consumer demand potential in the catchment area, rent levels, competition, site image and many other factors. This paves the way to choosing or creating perfect sites for your local clients and ensuring long-term profitability for you or your tenants. You’ll receive fast and actionable advice based on our on-site assessment and proven retail market indicators. This helps you execute and future-proof your investments and projects. Our recognized expertise minimizes your investment risks and gives you a solid basis for arguing your case with other project stakeholders. 

Why choose us?
Our location & market appraisals provide hands-on and impartial advice for your location decisions – whether for single sites and shops, or entire real estate objects and portfolios. We offer:

  • Globally local retail and consumer insights: We offer unique, custom-tailored and worldwide retail panel data that we combine to provide objective and future-oriented insights – on all top markets and locations.
  • Retail, finance and location expertise: Our experts provide in-depth and hands-on recommendations based on our extensive experience with retail investments.
  • Independent and recognized consultancy: We provide objective advice from a trusted and highly respected source.
Sebastian Müller
Sebastian Müller
Head of Retail & Real Estate, Geomarketing
+49 40 5701 325 25