NewYork, 08.01.2019

Over half of US auto “intenders” say in-vehicle technology will influence their next car purchase

GfK shares Automobility data at CES 2019 – reveals concerns about autonomous cars, hacking

During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), GfK’s Automotive team has shared new findings on consumers’ passion for – and worries about – the latest in-vehicle technologies.

CES – taking place January 6th through 9th in Las Vegas – is the world’s premier consumer electronics convention, expected to draw over 175,000 attendees.

The data, from GfK’s syndicated Automobility research in the US, shows that 55% of those who plan to buy a new car (“auto intenders”) say their vehicle selection will be influenced by technologies included in the car. Almost 6 in 10 (58%) say integration with personal assistant capabilities – such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home – will specifically be a consideration.

The tech categories that hold greatest appeal for intenders are (in order):

  • active safety
  • digital connectivity
  • “infotainment”
  • electric vehicles
  • autonomous driving
  • augmented reality
  • health & wellness

Research from MRI found that 9 in 10 Americans say they trust their own driving skills and judgment more than a computer’s. And GfK’s Automobility studies show that only 30% of auto intenders are comfortable with buying a fully autonomous vehicle (no driver control), while 40% can accept a modest level of self-driving tech (for steering and acceleration or deceleration).

Intenders from Generation Y (ages 23 to 41) are generally more comfortable with autonomous car features. More than half (55%) say they would be comfortable with a high level of autonomy (technology can take over all driving), and 61% can accept a modest level of self-driving.

More than 3 in 4 (76%) auto intenders say they are slightly or very worried about vehicle hacking – with 35% expressing the highest level of concern.  

GfK’s syndicated Automobility research – now in its 35th year, with over 500,000 interviews conducted annually – gauges future industry performance by understanding drivers’ intentions for all makes and models. GfK helps brands understand what consumers want from auto technology, including desired interfaces, willingness to pay for devices and services, and interest in electric and connected cars.

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