NewYork, 19.09.2018

MRI launches visual analytic tool delivering instant access to targeting insights

On-demand graphical reports reveal consumers’ habits, motivations, and needs

With so much data at their disposal, marketers and ad planners often struggle to isolate the consumer insights that can accelerate targeting effectiveness.

GfK MRI’s new graphically based analytical tool, Visual Reporter, cuts through data quickly to uncover essential insights for smarter targeting. Tapping MRI’s unmatched database on US consumer activities and attitudes, Visual Reporter uses an intuitive interface and instant charting to bring data to life.

With Visual Reporter, users can

  • discover consumers’ hidden concerns, desires, and beliefs
  • determine a target’s ideal media mix
  • identify product categories that resonate with consumers
  • learn about a target’s mobile habits and time spent online

“With Visual Reporter, we are focused on giving time back to our clients – so they can devote more energy to the things they do best,” said Josh Pisano, SVP of Data Innovation at MRI. “Rather than combing through tables or constructing charts, our clients can spend more of their days adding insights and crafting points of view. Visual Reporter is also an invitation to leverage MRI’s data more deeply, empowering brands to make smarter marketing decisions.”

For sale to current MRI subscribers, Visual Reporter leverages MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer®, the gold standard in traditional planning and consumer insights. As part of the Survey, MRI conducts over 24,000 in-person, in-home interviews each year, capturing an unequaled range of information on US consumers’ media use, buying habits, lifestyles, and attitudes.

The Survey is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), which conducts annual audits of MRI’s methodology, fieldwork, analytics, and data handling systems. On behalf of clients and the industry, the MRC assures that audience measurement services are valid, reliable, and effective.

Watch a video of Visual Reporter in action:

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