NewYork, 08.02.2017

Albert will lead GfK Shopper, Digital Experiences teams in North America

Also serves as Director of Data and Insights Integration

David Albert, a seasoned team leader and strategic consultant, has expanded his role at GfK in North America, becoming Managing Director of both the Digital Experiences and Shopper and Retail Strategy teams.

Albert, who has almost 20 years of consumer insights experience – all but three of them with GfK – also acts as the region’s Director of Data Insights and Integration.

The Shopper and Retail Strategy group focuses heavily on the intersections of online and bricks-and-mortar shopping, through both syndicated studies and custom shopper insights work. Its annual FutureBuy® report has become a benchmark for the latest trends in mobile digital shopping – such as showrooming, webrooming, and omnishopping.

The recently renamed Digital Experiences team provides unmatched expertise in collecting, assessing, and activating many types of digital data. Taking a source-agnostic approach, Digital Experiences looks across data sets to reveal the meaning and implications of digital information.

“David is a unique leader who combines client-centricity with research creativity and digital and data fluency,” noted Holly Jarrell, GfK’s Head of Product Groups for North America. “At a time when shoppers wend on- and off-line, enabled by ever more sophisticated digital tools and habits, we are fortunate to have him guide our Digital Experiences and Shopper and Retail Strategy teams and strategies.”

Albert joined GfK in 2000 as a Research Manager, left in 2006 for a role at ABT SRBI, and then returned a year later as Vice President. He was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2012, and then Executive Vice President in 2014.

Albert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College and a Master’s in Psychology from Connecticut College.  

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