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This is a podcast about research, innovation, and discovery. Each episode will give you new insights into today’s consumer, and prepare you for tomorrow’s marketplace.

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How manufacturers should leverage GSA's newly enhanced platform

There are big changes coming to the GSA (General Services Administration) Advantage marketplace,...

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How to address supply chain issues this holiday season

Almost every US shopper knows that holiday gifts are harder to come by this year. GfK’s Tatjana...

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Becoming a brand your consumers trust: The DTC Model

Major brands, including Apple, Mercedes, Amazon, and BMW, all use the direct-to-consumer (DTC)...

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The ROI of actionable insights

A panel of global experts discusses dynamic new approaches to data and intelligent automation, and...

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A look at the top Latin America economies and their consumers

Latin America is often overlooked compared to other regions when it comes to global media coverage....

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Building connections beyond pride month

This episode is an audio version of MRI-Simmons' recent panel discussion on a company's...

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The next generation of data scientists

NextGen Hackathon Competition gives undergraduates a chance to develop product and marketing plans...

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Bringing new precision to programmatic targeting

At a time when consumer behavior – and data – is wildly unpredictable, agencies and brands need to...

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"Driving" consumer expectations in 2021

Air travel has hit record lows due to COVID-19, but did the pandemic bring back the classic road...

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The world according to Biden and Trump supporters

They are calling it one of the most historic and important elections the country has ever had. In...

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