Changes in lifestyles & behaviors following COVID-19

with Luis Molina

Consumers, brands, and retailers are finding themselves in uncharted territory during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, Luis Molina gives us an overview of GfK's new Consumer Pulse study. Understand consumers' lifestyles and behavior changes, what consumers think and how their behavior changes week on week, how the consumer purchase behavior is evolving, and how consumers anticipate their situation and behavior to be after the crisis. 

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Luis Molina
Senior Research Director, Consumer Insights

Luis has over 20 years of consumer insights and market research experience covering an array of industries, including CPG, food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), financial services, media & entertainment, restaurant, retail, technology, and B2B. His experience runs across a range of research techniques, including  segmentation, A&U, concept testing, product/line optimization, choice modeling, and price elasticity.  GfK’s most seasoned segmentation practitioner and has been instrumental in advancing GfK’s approach to segment valuation and client activation.

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Study: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse

Consumers, brands, and retailers are finding themselves in uncharted territory during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers are uncertain, anxious, and afraid. Weekly updates allow you to track trends over time, to quickly identify opportunities, and to manage potential risks early and effectively. You’ll receive:

  • Access to single country reports across 30 markets
  • An updated weekly deep dive to understand consumer perceptions, mood and behaviors over time
  • Detailed information about how informed consumers feel about COVID-19
  • Changes in consumers day-to-day life, purchasing patterns and media consumption
  • Forecast and respond to short and mid-term implications across every major industry
  • How to learn from other markets and what to anticipate next
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