Trends to watch: The value of sustainability

with Tim Kenyon

The Economist's recent International Sustainability Summit covered environmental issues -and solutions- from brands, consumers, politics, and more. In this episode, host Hannah Lyder and guest Tim Kenyon discuss the most significant themes within the 4-day summit. Tune in for an up-to-date discussion on sustainability challenges in the corporate world, the rise of the circular economy, consumer needs, and more. Tim also dives into GfK's very own presentation from the event, Crisis as a Catalyst: How global emergencies can push sustainability forward.

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This episode features

Tim Kenyon

Tim Kenyon
VP, Consulting, Consumer Insights

Tim consults with Fortune 100 Companies, Governments, and Non-Profits looking to understand the public’s attitudes towards a range of consumer trends through GfK’s Consumer Life Global and US studies. Tim has a particular interest and expertise in brand driven sustainability and environmental protection efforts. Tim has been quoted in many top tier media outlets including American Public Media’s Marketplace Report, MSNBC, and the Financial Times. 

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Video: Crisis as a Catalyst: How global emergencies can push sustainability forward.

Conventional thinking is that social and environmental concerns drop down the pecking order when the economy is in contraction. But recent data suggests that sustainability is a core value that does not get sidelined even in the face of economic and health-related crises. In this presentation we examine: current trends in green values and buying behavior, trust in brands’ claims around sustainability and how Gen Z is redefining what it means to be an environmentalist.

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