How to optimize eCommerce and boost sales

with Lloyd Wood and Matthew Penico

The average person's attention span is around 8 seconds. How do you make sure consumers stop scrolling long enough to buy your product? In this episode, Buffalo America's Matthew Penico and GfK Etilize's Lloyd Wood go through the tips and strategies to optimize your online content, and in turn, optimizing your sales. Tune in to understand A+ content, up-and-coming eCommerce trends, and how to put everything together for the best ROI.

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This episode features

Matt Penico

Matt Penico
Marketing Manager
Buffalo Americas

Matt Penico has been professionally marketing for the past 11 years. He is the Marketing Manager for Buffalo Americas, a manufacture of Secure, Stable, and Simple, data storage solutions for business and home users. Matt has a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing from California State University Northridge and is Certified from Oregon State University with Digital Brand Management.

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Lloyd Wood

Lloyd Wood
Enterprise Sales and Marketing Manager
GfK Etilize

Lloyd has over 30 Years of direct experience in all aspects of eCommerce, data management, Enterprise Software, product development, software solution sales, and business management. Extensive experience with manufacturer product and data content solutions in addition to enterprise product content solutions.

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