Trends to watch: Health & wellness

with Rachel Bonsignore

As the new year begins, the global pandemic has put a new spin on the health and wellness craze we always see. In this episode, Trends Consultant, Rachel Bonsignore, bases her insights on years of data leading up to and including the pandemic. Learn about increasing health concerns over safety, how consumers are compensating for closed gyms, and the role of mental health. How do trends like these help your brand? Tune in to find out.

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This episode features

Rachel Bonsignore

Rachel Bonsignore
Senior Consultant, GfK Consumer Life

At GfK, Rachel provides clients with actionable and future-focused insights on the consumer landscape across a wide variety of industries, from CPG and food to entertainment and retail.  She frequently speaks publicly on emerging consumer trends, most recently at the National Retail Federation’s 2020 Big Show and 2019 NXT digital conference.

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Whitepaper: When wellness became wellbeing: The future of health disruption in a crisis-driven world

Health was a critical issue to Americans long before COVID-19 – but the pandemic has brought emerging wellness trends into sharp relief. From telehealth to Pelotons – recognizing and leveraging the forces driving consumer behavior today is crucial to smart planning in the health sector.

In this new ebook, Rachel Bonsignore of GfK Consumer Life takes an in-depth look at such essential trends as

  •  proactive and DIY health
  •  tech and wellbeing
  •  the mainstreaming of mental health
  •  the new natural brands
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