The changes and challenges of advertising

with Jon Brand

No matter who you are, you can’t escape ads. As a business, how can your ad speak louder and become more memorable than the rest? In this episode, we sit down with Jon Brand who takes us through best practices in creating an effective digital ad campaign. Tune in to learn how COVID-19 has changed the game, why you need to utilize screen sizes, and most importantly, how your ad can reach its full potential.

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Jon Brand
SVP, Marketing Effectiveness

Jon joined GfK in 2012 as a senior leader focused on Marketing Effectiveness. He has a passion for building brands along with a deep appreciation and understanding of large complex brands and the intricacies of effective communications. Jon’s signature work has been in the development and evaluation of effective marketing campaigns from strategic initiation through execution.

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: GfK Ad Fit Optimizer

Advertising budgets and creative development times are constantly shrinking, but there is always intense pressure to create effective ad campaigns. Advertisers and agencies need a fresh approach to advertising pre-testing to ensure their creative executions meet their objectives. GfK’s Ad Fit Optimizer has been designed to accelerate and optimize your digital ad spend and overall campaign ROI by assessing the performance of your ads prior to campaign launch.

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