How does Gen Z feel about COVID-19 and the future?

with Ibrokhim Mirzakhonov, Sabrina Tatlias, Emily VAnderMey, and Frank Guagenti

As the youngest generation in the workforce, Generation Z is facing unprecedented challenges as young professionals. In this episode, we sit down with NextGen Competition winners Sabrina, Emily, and Ibrokhim as they take us through the moment their college shut down. Tune in to hear first-hand how this generation is already being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, their attitudes towards the "new normal", and the surprising optimism on what it offers them for the future.

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This episode features


Ibrokhim Mirzakhonov
NextGen Competition Winner
Point Park University

Ibrokhim is a a Full Stack developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. I specialize in JavaScript and have professional experience working with Node, JSON, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and Ajax. I also have experience working with mySQL and noSQL. 

Sabrina Tatalias-1

Sabrina Tatalias
NextGen Competition Winner
Point Park University

Sabrina is a junior at Point Park University studying Applied Computer Science & Digital Marketing. A part of Gen Z, she is fully embracing the work from home, and even remote learning environment that we are currently facing across the globe. Sabrina will share her experiences on what it is like to be a part of Gen Z during the covid-19 pandemic as we discuss top coronavirus concerns.

Emily VanderMey-1

Emily VanderMey
NextGen Competition Winner
Point Park University

Emily VanderMey is a recent graduate of Point Park University and an incoming grad student studying Interaction Design at California College of the Arts. Along with Sabrina Tatalias and Ibrokhim Mirzakhonov, she was on the winning team of this year's GfK NextGen Data Science Competition. Throughout the pandemic, she has navigated several transitions to remote work and faced difficult decisions regarding her online

Frank Guagenti-2

Frank Guagenti
Senior Research Manager

Frank helps manage a wide variety of custom research engagements. Working with a variety of clients serving both business and consumer markets, domestic and international. Frank’s responsibilities comprise a wide range of project management tasks, including proposal development, questionnaire design, implementation and management, with a focus on analysis and reporting.

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