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Trust in US political parties drops significantly in GfK Verein study

New York, NY, 05.07.2017

Justice system, church also fall; Military maintains highest level of trust

A GfK Verein study finds trust in economic and political institutions among US consumers is down significantly compared to two years ago. Political Parties suffered the most significant drop in the US and are now trusted by only 14% of American respondents; this marks a decline of 9 points compared to 2015, and a 13-point decrease since 2013.  

The Global Trust Report 2017 – based on research conducted in September and October 2016 – looked at responses from over 28,000 people in 25 countries and compared the levels of trust placed in four main groups:

  • Institutions (Military, Police, Church, Government, NGO’s, Media)
  • Economic Sectors
  • Currency
  • People

US data for the study were collected via GfK’s KnowledgePanel®.

To request a full report on the US data, write to marketing(at)gfk.com

​The Military continues to inspire the highest level of trust in the US and globally – chosen by 84% of US respondents and 79% globally. The Police reached the #2 position in the US, trusted by 75% -- a slight improvement over 2015.

The Church and the Justice System suffered the highest losses of trust in the US – with Church down 5 percentage points in two years (from 74% to 69%) and Justice System falling 8 points (from 61% to 53%).

Overall, US trust in Institutions fell 3 points in 2 years (from 55% to 53%), and 7 points in 4 years. Trust in other People dropped dramatically, off 7 points versus just 2 years ago (from 75% to 68%). Currency fell to 70% in the US (from 71%); and Economic Sectors registered at 64% (there is no trend data for this category). 

The lowest dips in Economic Sectors in the US are seen in Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers, with each having lost 10 percentage points and sitting at 51%. Pharmaceutical corporations also decreased by 14 percentage points, to 44%.

Media, corporations earn little trust

The Media (36%) and Large Companies/ International Corporations (33%) both lost trust in 2017, dropping 6 percentage points for Media and 8 points for large companies compared to 2015. Both are viewed as less trustworthy than Government (41%), which dropped 5 points, and the Internet (40%), which fell 1 point.

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About GfK Verein

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