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GfK MRI Partners with Cubeyou, Enhancing Gold-Standard Consumer Profile Data with Billions of Social Media Interactions

New York, NY, 24.10.2016

Joint analyses, products will help brands target social media users more precisely

GfK MRI and Cubeyou are joining forces to create an unmatched resource for understanding the interactions of social media and product usage – deep profiles of consumer beliefs and behavior married to social media use data from over 10 million accounts.

GfK MRI collects thousands of consumer data points each year through its Survey of the American Consumer®, conducting approximately 25,000 in-person interviews annually. The gold-standard GfK MRI database includes media use, product purchase, brand attitudes, political affiliations, and much more.

Cubeyou is a customer insights software that provides access to the first study of the American consumer powered completely by social data. The firm’s database of over 10 million social media users across their Facebook and Twitter accounts is filtered for demographic completeness and weighted to the US population.

By enhancing the GfK MRI data with “likes” and other social media information from Cubeyou’s research, advertisers and their agencies can look closely at the interplay between a brand’s social media presence and usage of its products.

For example:

• a consumer packaged goods manufacturer will be able to isolate brand “likers” in the GfK MRI database and compare them to other brand users, or

• an auto brand can connect its fans or followers to GfK MRI automotive attitudes for a better understanding of their relationships with the automotive sector in general, providing useful insights for new vehicle development and positioning.

“Advertising agencies have been searching for better information on the dynamics of social media use,” said Andrew Arthur, SVP of Data Integration at GfK MRI. “By focusing on the interactions of brands and consumers on social platforms, the combination of GfK MRI and Cubeyou provides a perfect resource for planning and capturing ROI. Brands can understand clearly where they stand with consumers in the social world, and learn how to enrich those connections through special offers, events or even mass media advertising.”

"Data availability is exploding, and with it the need to combine and analyze data sets,” said Federico Treu, CEO and Founder of Cubeyou. “At Cubeyou, our goal is to make this insight discovery process fast, easy, and accurate. The partnership with GfK MRI is a first huge step in this direction. Finally, marketers will be able to seamlessly dig into consumer demographics, psychographics, interests, passions, social behavior, affinities and consumptions through a single platform. This partnership combines Cubeyou’s 4.5 billion daily interactions generated on social media with GfK MRI’s industry-standard product behaviors, attitudes, psychographics and brand usage.”