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At TMRE, GfK will reveal generational differences in purchase journeys, technology use

New York, NY, 18.10.2017

Will co-present with Microsoft, share insights from exclusive study of the Now Generation

With new, younger consumers becoming the focus of marketing in almost every category, GfK will be providing breakthrough insights on these emerging generations at next week’s The Market Research Event (TMRE).

The conference will be held from October 22 to 25 in Orlando, Florida.

On October 24th at 11:45AM, GfK retail and trend experts will present “The Now Generation: Transforming the Shopping Landscape.” Joe Beier (SVP, Shopper & Retail Strategy) and Eric Wagatha (SVP, Consumer Life) will explore the unique attitudes and shopping behaviors of 15- to 25-year-old consumers – also known as the Now Generation.

Digitally native and highly pragmatic, the Now Generation brings new assumptions and preferences to the purchase process. Beier and Wagatha will draw from a multitude of GfK shopper trend-watching resources, as well as practical marketplace experience, to help clients better understand and connect with this vital group of shoppers.  

On October 25th at 11AM, GfK will partner with Microsoft to reveal “How Changing Technology and Generational Shifts Influence Effective Marketing.” Kajoli Tankha, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Advertising Research, will co-lead this session with GfK’s Jon Brand (SVP, Brand and Customer Experience).

The presentation will explore everything from consumers’ values and lifestyles to their purchase journeys and media consumption. Microsoft and GfK will deliver real-life examples of how to thrive – not just survive – in today’s 360-degree online environment.

With over 120 sessions and 1,000-plus attendees, The Market Research Event is one of the industry’s most valuable forums for sharing ideas and insights.