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GfK User Experience Expert to Deliver Keynote at World Autonomous Vehicle Summit

New York, NY, 19.02.2016

Gavin Lew, Executive Vice President of User Experience (UX) at GfK, will deliver the keynote speech at the Vonlathen Group's World Autonomous Vehicle Summit. The two-day summit, located in Stuttgart, Germany, aims to analyze and explore the newest automated driving systems while discussing the future of autonomous driving.

On February 22, Lew will take the stage to deliver, "Innovations and Trends in the Self-driving Car Technology." His talk will dive into multiple subjects including the current state of development for autonomous vehicles, methods for success in a shifting marketplace, and potential goals for 2020 and beyond. In addition, Lew will utilize GfK data on automated driving and connected cars to provide a perspective on how companies can develop new technologies that will engage and satisfy the market. Lew's speech represents another foray into autonomous driving insights by GfK's UX team.

The World Autonomous Vehicle Summit gathers the community to analyze and discuss the latest innovations and challenges facing automated driving. At the summit, attendees will learn more about navigation systems, autonomous vehicle legislation, next-gen intelligent driver information systems (IDIS) and more.

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