NewYork, 06/11/2018

GfK helps brands, retailers prepare for the future of impulse buying

OmniShopper presentation explores the influence of mobile shopping, smart home, and ecommerce

Our current understanding of “impulse” buying is firmly rooted in brick-and-mortar landscapes – such as candy at the checkout, displays on high-traffic racetracks, and co-location of multiple products sold as a “solution” (i.e. bananas in cereal aisle). 

But rapidly changing shopping modalities, along with the explosive growth of ecommerce, demand that we redefine impulse buying for a new era. In a session at the OmniShopper conference, GfK retail experts will begin to stake out guiding principles to help brands and retailers leverage these emerging dynamics. 

GfK’s Joe Beier (SVP, Shopper & Retail Strategy) and Karen Goldstein (SVP, Consumer Insights) will present “Shop, See, Buy: Redefining ‘Impulse’ in the Digital Shopping Age” on June 14th at 2PM, as part of the conference’s ecommerce track. Their session will cover

  • macro trends impacting traditional physical retail stores (self-checkout, click and collect, no-sales showrooms)
  • macro trends in shopping behavior impacting old impulse models and creating new impulse “touchpoints”
  • the growing role of mobile devices in purchase journeys, in-ad ordering, smart home, and other trends
  • category “winners” and “losers” in this new impulse landscape
  • emerging impulse “hot spots” in the digital landscape
  • executional principles to help practitioners maximize impulse sales in the new environment
  • best-practice marketplace examples drawn from a variety of categories – from lower to higher involvement

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