New York, NY, 10/06/2020

GfK shares insights on "Accidental Trial" at ACP event

During the early months of the pandemic, widespread out-of-stocks across categories created “Accidental Trial" – consumers purchasing whatever brand was available when their favorites were not. 

GfK has been leveraging its National Shopper Lab (NSL) -- a panel of 60-plus million loyalty card users at grocery and drug stores -- to track the effects of this "tempotary" product switching on brand loyalty.

On October 6th, GfK's Neal Heffernan (EVP, Sales Effectiveness) reveals the effects of the "Accidental Trial" phenomenon over time in a single category: frozen pizza. Using the NSL data -- which identifies shoppers who were loyal to different brands before the pandemic, and how their behavior may have changed -- Heffernan speaks as part of an Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP) live webinar.

Entitled "COVID-19 and 'Accidental Trial': Exploring the Longterm Implications for Brands," Heffernan's presentation takes on such questions as

* Are market shares shifting? 

* Are the previously dominant brands losing share? 

* How can disruptor and incumbent brands take advantage of this moment?

​The webinar also includes a representative of Catalina ​Marketing. Click on this link to register.​

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