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The digital age continues to open up new paths to purchase, changing how and where people shop. More and more data becomes available every day, as shoppers embrace multi-channel brand experiences.

To stay competitive in this big data, multi-channel environment, businesses need to identify and leverage the most relevant data along the entire path to purchase. With this, companies can optimize each step of the shopper journey.

GfK’s Shopper research experts analyze and combine multiple data sources to fully understand shopper behavior and how to influence purchasing decisions.

We combine a deep understanding of what influences purchasing decisions at the point of sale with shoppers’ experiences. We provide our clients with the “what” and the “why”, to support marketing decisions.

Our shopper metrics optimize performance in the store, on the shelf and online – improving the purchase journey experience and managing the category – to ultimately increase loyalty and success.

Latest insights

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    • 11/27/18
    • Financial Services
    • Retail
    • Technology
    • Consumer Goods
    • Shopper
    • Singapore
    • English

    Mobile Shopping intensifies across APAC: GfK

    Evolving technology has been transforming the global retail landscape and the way consumers are shopping in the past decade. GfK’s latest FutureBuy report reveals a continuing surge in online shopping across most of the tracked product categories, with 63 percent of consumers agreeing that their mobile device is becoming their most important shopping tool.

    • 11/10/17
    • Shopper
    • Singapore
    • English

    On demand webinar: Understanding your Shoppers in APAC

    In today's competitive landscape, it is essential for brands and retailers to understand the shopping habits, behaviours, and preferences of their shoppers. Watch our on-demand webinar where GfK's Shopper expert shares the latest shopping trends across Asia Pacific based on findings from the latest GfK FutureBuy study.
    • 11/08/19
    • Shopper
    • Global
    • English

    From reach to impact: optimize the consumer journey

    What do people expect at which point in their consumer journey?
    And which sales and media channels can be used to reach potential target groups effectively and efficiently? Download our free white paper to explore the findings.
    • 10/24/19
    • Shopper
    • Global
    • English

    Global report: Plastic waste avoidance “Who cares? -Who does?”

    Register for a sample report and explore in more detail.
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