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Accuracy, Science and Rigor are at the core of KnowledgePanel® and its value to high quality research. KnowledgePanel is the largest probability-based online panel that is representative of the adult US population; 55,000 active members strong. Our recruitment process employs an addressed-based sampling methodology from the Delivery Sequence File of the USPS - a database with coverage of  delivery points in the US. As such, samples from KnowledgePanel cover households regardless of their phone status making it a premier choice for a broad range of commercial, government and academic research. You can find a more detailed overview here.

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This methodological rigor is backed by our experts in survey research methods and applications who work closely with clients throughout the field period data delivery and analysis of results. Relying on uncompromised statistical methodologies, survey results from KnowledgePanel samples are often used for publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Depth of profile data is an integral deliverable when KnowledgePanel is used for your research project. GfK maintains an extensive, multi-year, database of thousands of profile variables on survey respondents, updated annually, to identify unique subgroups otherwise unattainable online. With the breadth of GfK KnowledgePanel® Profiles, we are able to:

  • Target the specific survey respondents you need saving you time and money
  • Integrate analytic value from Profile Packages
  • Create custom panels based upon collected characteristics, behaviors and attitudes of GfK KnowledgePanel® members eliminating the cost of newly recruiting a panel

Find more details here on our research methods:

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Additional capabilities

KnowledgePanel Calibration

A GfK innovation to improve accuracy of survey research results by using a blended-sample approach of KnowledgePanel and non-probability samples. When calibrated, the combined samples result in higher accuracy than opt-in samples alone can provide.

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KnowledgePanel Digital

A GfK innovation to KnowledgePanel. Members have agreed to passive measurement of their smartphones and tablets. Delivers the means to better measure, and monitor, trends in digital behavior linked to opinion, product use and voting behavior. Our approach lessens reliance on asking people questions via surveys and in fact can also be used for sampling based on digital behavior. We collect a comprehensive view of individual online and app behavior and capture predictive metrics that allow you to make proactive decisions. Our behavioral/passive data, linked to attitudinal data, can be used to address the most timely questions facing marketers, media agencies, policymakers and officials.

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KnowledgePanel Latino

You no longer need to rely on expensive methods when conducting Hispanic research. KnowledgePanel LatinoSM has reinvented research to meet the needs of the online survey age without sacrificing population representation and the sound sampling principles you need. To meet your Hispanic online survey needs, GfK KnowledgePanel Latino has the most complete coverage of US Hispanics. We uniquely cover about 93% of US Latino households encompassing Spanish- and English-dominant and bilingual households alike, as well as US Latinos, who do not have access to the internet at least occasionally by providing them a netbook or tablet.

Custom Panels

Applying decades of recruitment and panel management expertise across the globe, GfK builds both survey and passive digital meter panels to meet your research needs—large and small. We weigh your research requirements to the level of statistical rigor needed in building your custom panels to deliver the most cost effective solution. Notably, GfK has created large-scale panels for the social sciences including the American National Election Studies web panel funded by the National Science Foundation and Stanford University.

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KnowledgePanel Service Bureau & Omnibus

The Service Bureau provides the highest quality sample, KnowledgePanel,  to research firms, researchers, researchers and academicians with data-only project or omnibus needs backed by our research experts working with you throughout field and data delivery. You can contact the Service Bureau at sbt@gfk.com.

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