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GfK YouthPulse Panel

Introducing GfK YouthPulse!

Youth research doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming and difficult. You no longer need to compromise your research agenda to fit within restrictive budgets or sacrifice quality.

GfK is excited to unveil a new online research panel focused on young adults aged 15-24. Using the probability based design principles of KnowledgePanel®, we built GfK YouthPulse to deliver unparalleled data quality and ease for youth research. You will now be able to target this hard to survey group with a level of rigor expected by academic and federally funded research at a cost that was previously unattainable.

GfK YouthPulse enables researchers to readily survey teens and young adults, pre-screened and recruited, while delivering accurate data and results.

  • Parental consent already secured
  • Probability-based online panel of over 10,000 15-24 years old
  • 2,000+ hard-to-reach African American and Hispanics
  • 60%+ within survey cooperation rate
  • Fully operational right now

GfK YouthPulse delivers coverage and quality
GfK YouthPulse was built with a rigorous address based sample design that uses the U.S. Postal Service’s Delivery Sequence File (DSF) as the sampling frame. In designing and implementing the ABS recruitment methodology, GfK leveraged past experience from the Longitudinal Study of Youth and other best practices developed over the last decade of ABS sampling for KnowledgePanel and other custom panel recruitments. GfK YouthPulse has screened all of its members and they are known and reliable survey respondents. While other studies are still planning methodology and design, GfK can have your survey in field with answers on-the-way. Now researchers can avoid the long and costly lead times of existing phone and mail youth recruitment methods.

Further your understanding of youth in critical research and policy areas:

  • Understand youth perspectives on issues relevant to your organizational mission
  • Evaluate performance of your program or campaign and impacts on youth
  • Increase your understanding of young people’s lives with the ability to measure topics, such as well-being and civic engagement
  • Utilize longitudinal or repeated cross-sectional designs to understand changes in attitudes, opinions, and behaviors over time

Contact us to discuss your research goals and learn if GfK YouthPulse is right for you
GfK’s team of experienced researchers can help you design an effective survey and research protocol using GfK YouthPulse. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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