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Consumer Life

Jumpstart innovation and discover how consumers’ everyday lives are evolving

Welcome to GfK Consumer Life (Roper Reports®), a global data and insight service that provides a view on how consumers' everyday lives are evolving.

Clients can now access what people think, and what people do on a global, regional, local or micro level. With over 30,000 respondents aged 15+ and accounting for 84% of global GDP, Consumer Life has the data you need to jumpstart the innovation process.

For instant visibility on the big issues that are facing your industry, consider a GfK Consumer Life standard report. For larger business challenges, consider our bespoke consulting service, tailored to your needs.

Gain deeper insights into the everyday lives with GfK Consumer Life:

  • Start with the broader context of change to understand how social and cultural shifts impact people's everyday lives
  • Understand how these changes impact engagement with products and services
  • Have visibility into disruptive forces, and how consumers may embrace or reject them
  • Capture emerging opportunities by monitoring change across all aspects of their consumers' lives

What is GfK Consumer Life?

  • A global data and insight service that provides a longitudinal view on how consumers' everyday lives are evolving.

How does it work?

  • Leverages longitudinal perspective and global framework to apply macro trends at a micro level
  • Flexibility to view insights through specific business issue

What are the key benefits?

  • Clear direction on what's changing, why and who is most affected
  • Unique insights for strategic priorities including: market opportunities, innovation, customer targeting, brand positioning, and marketing planning process

What syndicated reports are available?

  • Truth behind the Myth: Understanding Chinese Consumers - 10 Insights and Inspirations
  • Embedding Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumers - 10 Insights and Inspirations
  • Consumers and Food: An Essential A to Z
  • 10 Insights and Inspirations
  • In a Good Place: Understanding Consumers in Latin America - 10 Insights and Inspirations
  • Super Connected Consumers: Pioneers of a Digital World
  • Asia-Pacific: High Growth, High Opportunity
  • Global Consumer Trends Now and Next
  • Global Consumers and Mobility
  • Global Parents: A Growing Area of Opportunity
  • Global Women Pursue the Good Life
  • Global Consumer Trends - The Cornerstones of Innovation
  • The Millennial Generation
  • Global Consumer Trends - Now and Next

What is the lead time to access data and insights from GfK Consumer Life?

  • Clients can access data and insights according to their needs instantly, once an order is placed
Latest Insights

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    • 03/23/17
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Market Opportunities and Innovation
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Global Study
    • Consumer Life
    • Singapore
    • English

    Majority of internet users read books either daily or at least once a week

    Nearly 60 percent of the online population across 17 countries read books either daily or at least once a week. China has highest percentage of “every day” book readers. Netherlands and South Korea tie for the highest percentage who say they never read books. Women are more likely to be avid book readers than men.
    • 08/23/16
    • Home and Living
    • Consumer Life
    • Singapore
    • English

    Overall size and layout, and storage space are most desired home improvement areas for APAC consumers

    When it comes to what aspect of their home people would most like to improve, nearly two in every five across Asia Pacific would most like to change the overall size and layout/dimensions of their homes, if they could.
    • 06/21/16
    • Consumer Life
    • Singapore
    • English

    Chinese consumers are top globally for wanting to be 'reachable' at all times

    Over half of the online connected population (56 percent) in China—the highest internationally—are in strong agreement1 with the statement “To me, it is important to always be reachable wherever I am,”. Only 3 percent—the second lowest of all markets surveyed—strongly1 disagree with the same statement. This makes China the top nation in Asia Pacific and globally with the pro- “always reachable” mindset.
    • 04/27/16
    • Consumer Life
    • Singapore
    • English

    Hong Kong is only country with majority ‘save now’ mindset

    More than one in every four online consumers in Hong Kong say they ‘disagree completely’  with the notion of enjoying life today and worrying about savings and investments later—the highest level among all countries surveyed globally - and a further one in four ‘disagree somewhat’. 
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