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Products A-Z


Brand Vivo

A brand equity tracking program that manages performance and strengthens your brand by using a new generation of action-oriented metrics. > Product details


Consumer Life

​Jumpstart innovation and discover how consumers’ everyday lives are evolving. > Product details

Content Appreciation

Continually evaluate TV content across all channels with our representative panel of viewers. > Product details

Crossmedia Link

Innovative techniques to capture and quantify cross-media consumer behavior, across all devices. Media were once easily defined by their devices: television programs were seen only on TV sets; magazine news and feature articles were seen only in print. Challenge today is understanding media consumption in today’s fragmented landscape. > Product details

Crossmedia Visualizer

Visualizing cross-media consumer behavior.

> Product details

Customer Harmonics

A revolutionary approach to identify the most effective actions to increase customer loyalty. > Product details


Digital Maps

Digital maps that depict postal and administrative boundaries form the heart of all location-related analyses.  > Product details

Digital customer optimization

Turn customer data into insight and intelligence. Predictive analysis and retention strategy optimization process to increase average revenue per user and drive down churn for digital subscription services (AM&I solution). > Product details

Disease Atlas

Strengthening your value story from pre-launch to launch and beyond. > Product details


EMO Scan

EMO Scan is a biometric system for measuring emotional response to marketing stimuli. It uses consumers’ webcams to track facial movement to reveal the emotions they experience in real time.  It is integrated into other GfK products such as the GfK AD*VANTAGE Multimedia ad testing system and GfK Experience Effects ad tracking.  > Product details


A management system that tracks and improves the experiences of your customers in real-time.  > Product details


In order to support you sufficiently it is of great importance to analyze your research practices. We have the perfect solution: the GfK Evogenius product Suite.  > Product details

Experience Effects

A tracking program that provides insights into how interactions affect brand perceptions and drive spending.  > Product details

Exposure Effects

A solution that measures both, reach per media and emotional response and provides a simple yet analytical framework with concrete actions.  > Product details


Financial Research Survey

The Financial Research Survey (available in the UK) provides detailed information on product holding, acquisition and usage, channel usage and preference, including Price Comparison Sites, brand awareness and consideration, satisfaction and recommendation (NPS), holding and usage of technology including smartphones, demographics, including income.  > Product details

Future of Retail

An industry-specific service providing market insights based on best intelligence about the demand and expectations of today’s shoppers across all categories and markets.  > Product details


A product suite that maps market dynamics and emerging opportunities to secure market relevance. A clear activation plan to guide concept development and other growth initiatives.  > Product details


An innovation service that identifies the influencers and emerging ideas that consumers are exposed to in the world beyond your category.   > Product details






Many factors determine the value, quality and suitability of retail real estate - e.g. the macro- and micro-environment, location image and drawing power, accessibility and agglomerations.  > Product details


Outside sales is one of the most expensive, labor-intensive aspects of any business. To balance this investment, your sales efforts must efficiently serve customers and tap all available potential. > Product details


GfK Digital Ad Pulse

Learn about the spectacular rise of digital advertising – how to analyze its true value, understand myths and misconceptions, and use seven winning components to guide your journey. > Product details

Global Consumer Values

Consumers’ personal values have a significant influence on their attitudes and behaviors, including shopping. > Product details


In-store Recommendation

A quantitative and qualitative research solution for assessing in-store promotion and recommendation of manufacturer’s products over the competitive set. > Product details

In-store Shelf Monitoring

We keep you current with the constantly changing shelf picture. As a manufacturer or retailer, you face a daily struggle to understand your competitive shelf landscape. New products coming on display, prices changes, competitor product placements and positioning.  > Product details

Insurance Service

We provide insurance companies with accurate product information, current and historic prices and proprietary intelligence to help determine claim values on damaged products.  > Product details


Market Access


A research service that uses both early and late stage screening to deliver a testing and forecasting program for new product and service concepts.  > Product details

MarketBuilder Voice

An early stage screening and testing program for new product and service concepts based on recorded verbal reactions of consumers. > Product details



Fully assess the power of your pack by capturing actual decision-making behavior in a virtual environment. 

> Product details

Print Ads Monitoring (causal)

We identify key flyer promotions and match these against crucial sale periods daily, providing a tactical view of what is influencing the market. > Product details

Published media audience measurement

Combining methodologies and fusing data to provide a more complete view of the consumption of media brands by device and platform  > Product details

Purchase Journey

A research service that evaluates the impact of online and offline advertising, brand interaction and engagement, and the role of social media and people’s digital experience to provide a 360° view of the target market.​  > Product details


Recommendation Driver

Monitor, assess & drive brand recommendation behavior

> Product details


Get answers to your "where" questions with our geomarketing software RegioGraph.  > Product details

Regional Market Data

Analyze your markets on digital maps with our geomarketing software RegioGraph. > Product details

Retail Consultancy

We give you an objective and reliable basis for making more informed location decisions. > Product details


Shopper Conversion

A unique service that helps understand how shoppers convert from browsers to buyers at full store as well as category shelf levels providing a detailed report on observed consumer behavior in store. > Product details

Smart Creative

An innovation service to create compelling propositions and experiences that address tomorrow’s needs for your priority consumers and channels. > Product details

Smart Discovery

A qualitative, exploratory research to define how consumers make sense of products, services and categories in the context of their changing lives. > Product details

Spex Access

Vendor data management program that manufacturers and distributors from various industries can participate in to ensure their data is available to resellers and retailers.  > Product details

Spex Channel

Provides accurate, up-to-date product data, product images, merchandising data and rich content for more than 2 million products either in raw, bulk files for local integration into a database or dynamically via our Spex Live hosted servers.​ > Product details

Spex Retail

Provides standardised product data for local integration into a database. Our retail data is based on GfK representative retail panels and virtually gives a complete overview of all products sold from assortments in Europe, South America, Asia & Africa.​  > Product details


Delivers deep insight into the involvement readers have with specific advertisements or advertising campaigns. > Product details


TV Audience Measurement

We monitor the TV viewing behavior of our panelists including terrestrial, cable, IPTV and satellite sources. > Product details

Target Setter

Annual technology product forecasts that leverage the granularity of the world’s largest point of sales data to give the most accurate projections of consumer end demand for the coming financial year. Using these independent forecasts, financial officers and business owners gain objectivity, transparency and reliability, ensuring the optimization of the budget setting process. > Product details

Total Store Reporting (TSR)

Based on EPOS data in selected channels, we monitor all goods and services sold by retailers in selected distribution channels and analyze this data on an aggregated level, in a top-down manner. This reveals product-line trends and new market opportunities on the complete portfolio.  > Product details


UX Design

A service to design products and services throughout the product development cycle. Ensuring the products and services deliver useful, usable, engaging and desirable experiences.  > Product details

UX Mapping

A solution that visualizes existing customer experiences across all touch points and prioritizes where to focus improvement efforts and resources. > Product details

UX Measurement

A suite of methods, proprietary tools and metrics to measure, validate and benchmark the user experience.  We evaluate and identify what parts of the experience need to be improved to ensure investment in the areas that matter to users.  > Product details

UX Strategy

A framework and roadmap to guide the experience design of new products and services. > Product details


Web Monitoring (causal)

Our web monitoring solution gives you this accurate, competitive knowledge. We keep you up to date with your daily online landscape, so you are able to identify challenges and react fast where it’s needed. We identify and isolate key retailers in each country that have a web presence, and capture all products they promote online every day. > Product details