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Market research industry in China needs collaborative innovation as it undergoes transformation

Shanghai, 30.05.2017

GfK presented expert opinion and thought leadership at the ESOMAR Asia Pacific Conference 2017

Organized by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), the ESOMAR Asia Pacific Conference 2017 concluded on May 19 in Shanghai.

Themed ‘Discoveries’, the conference provided marketing, advertising and research professionals with the latest industry intelligence and strategies in utilising new techniques and innovative thinking to create impactful consumer insights. More than 300 delegates from over 30 countries attended the event.

Over the course of two days, companies including L’Oreal, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Coca-Cola shared expert knowledge and best practices on leveraging voice, video and virtual reality (VR) innovations to gain consumer insights and improve brand engagement. Traditional businesses such as Unilever and Chevron, and Internet companies such as ISOBAR, Carat and Facebook also discussed how big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning could energize businesses.  

A highlight of the conference was the China Innovation session – “Discovering Today's China - The Rise of Innovation, Start-Ups and Opportunities”, which was jointly organized by ESOMAR and CMRA. The discussion was moderated by CMRA’s Vice President, and GfK Managing Director of Consumer Choices for North East Asia, Andy Zhao. The panelists included Peking Tan, Founder of Xinsight, Richard Zong, Founder of CloudXink, and Chris Zhang, Founder GiSi Research and Consulting.

“The digital wave is unstoppable and the Asia Pacific region is leading the momentum of innovation in market research. The high-speed popularization of the internet economy has altered our knowledge about the acceptance of new emerging trends among consumers in China. Whether it’s developing new digital businesses or adhering to consumer insights as a basis for business expansion, numerous research companies, both large and small, are all harnessing innovation, and we are already witnessing the success of many,” said Andy Zhao.

Roland Leung, Commercial Director - Market Opportunities & Innovation, GfK Hong Kong, also participated in a discussion session themed “Discover the Undiscovered”, where he shared insights and expert opinion on harnessing the power of voice technologies. Delegates were invited to understand consumers’ real emotions behind product concepts through technical means involving linguistic and acoustic analysis.

Successful innovation is the value exchange between brands and people, and the ideal concept testing approach measures the extent to which a new concept improves consumers’ lives. GfK’s latest white paper entitled “It's time to rethink concept testing” provides insights into delivering value and ensuring innovation success with voice technologies, levers that impact trial and adoption, ways to capture better results more efficiently, as well as incorporating voice data to produce key performance indicators (KPIs) that embrace the relevance of innovation to consumers’ lives. Read the whitepaper here.

For more information on the ESOMAR Asia Pacific Summit, please visit https://www.esomar.org/events/2017/asia-pacific-2017/asia-pacific-2017-highlights<

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